Monday, April 23, 2012

a rainy sunday

it was a rainy day in the slope, but adam & i had our hearts set on scoping out some properties here in the neighborhood. sunday is the day for open houses. we started out just around the corner on 5th street between 7th and 8th ave- a 3 bed/ 1 bath for $925k. it was a dream. completely out of our reach but beautiful. from there we moseyed onto 8th ave. near 10th st.- to a newly renovated 3bed/ 2bath- a 4th floor walkup. we found ourselves criticizing it like we were actually in the market for a million dollar apartment. with all of the rain, getting soaked, and trying to manage keeping both eloise and myself dry while carrying her in the baby bjorn... well, we gave up. we went home and adam made us delicious beet/ goat cheese/ arugula sandwiches. we watched to have or have not and just decided the day would be best spent indoors eating and watching old movies with good one liners...

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